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Biến tần Lenze 8200 motec frequency inverters

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With the rugged 8200 motec frequency inverter featuring a high degree of protection and supporting a power range between 0.25 and 7.5 KW, you couldn’t be better equipped for decentralised drive tasks. It can be installed in the ideal location, on the motor or nearby on the machine frame. The power supply is isolated from the drive electronics by means of plug-in contacts. Should service be required, just four screws need to be loosened in order to replace the heatsink and electronics.

Plug-in function modules enable the 8200 motec to be integrated seamlessly into the control and automation world of your machine or plant.

The 8200 motec shares many of the characteristics of the 8200 vector “control cabinet frequency inverter”: operation, diagnostics, functionality and drive behaviour are homogeneous. This proves advantageous in the case of concepts which combine centralisation and decentralisation. For operation, you can choose to use either the Keypad XT operating module or a PC running the user-friendly GDCeasy operator software, which is available free of charge.

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